Membership is open to Registered and Retired Medical Practitioners only

ANZSPM is a growing organisation and welcomes enquiries or applications for membership from prospective members. Our members are medical practitioners who either practise or have an interest in palliative medicine.

Information about membership is provided below. All applicants must be proposed by a financial member of the Society (the proposer must be a Full, Honorary, Life or Retired member), and all applications need to be approved by ANZSPM Council. Please note a trainee member is not eligible to be a proposer. 

Applicants are able to nominate a proposer via the online application process, but are encouraged to discuss their application with their nominated proposer before submitting their application.

If you have any general enquiries about applying e.g. whether you are eligible to join, or need assistance with your application, please contact us by Email or ph +61 2 6189 2244.

Submit your application online

Applications for membership are processed via our online system.

Click here to join online

If you are unable to use our online system, please email ANZSPM for a copy of the membership application form.

Information about Membership

Full Membership

Full membership is offered to registered medical practitioners who can demonstrate a commitment to clinical practice, research, education or administration in palliative medicine.

Trainee Membership

If you are a Registered Medical Practitioner involved in or interested in palliative medicine and in a Junior Medical Officer position (intern, resident medical officer, house officer, registrar or general practice trainee) or other training position you are eligible for this level of membership with substantial savings on full membership.

Associate Membership

Applicants admitted to Associate Membership category shall be entitled to limited membership benefits of the Society, as determined by the Society from time to time. They will not have voting rights and will be ineligible to hold Office.
Associate Membership status will be offered to Registered Medical Practitioners who are:
i. General Practitioners who demonstrate an interest in Palliative Medicine, but do not wish to have full membership rights; or
ii. Medical Officers whose primary vocation may be in a field other than Palliative Medicine, but who demonstrate an interest in Palliative Medicine, and do not wish to have full membership rights; or
iii. Medical Practitioners who demonstrate an interest in Palliative Medicine, but who are primarily resident in places other than Australia or New Zealand, and do not wish to have full membership rights.

Retired Membership

Retired membership status will be offered to full members of the Society who are aged over sixty-five (65) years and who have retired from full-time practice.

Honorary Life Membership

Honorary life membership will be granted by the Society to full members who have made an outstanding contribution to the Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine Inc or to Palliative Medicine in Australia and New Zealand. Such persons shall, for the term of their lives, enjoy the rights and privileges of Full Membership.

Benefits of Membership

Membership fees

Annual membership fees are determined by the ANZSPM Council. Membership fees for the 2018-19 financial year are provided below.

Member TypeAUS MemberNZ Member
Full MemberAUD$400NZD$380
Associate MemberAUD$200NZD$190
Trainee MemberAUD$195NZD$185
Retired MemberAUD$135NZD$125