ANZSPM Research Study Promotion Request  


In line with ANZSPM’s strategic initiatives to promote research and to support its members, ANZSPM supports the distribution of requests for participation in research studies  which are relevant to palliative medicine, which further the ANZSPM Purpose to improve health outcomes for every person with a life limiting illness living in Australia and New Zealand, and which deliver against its Mission to improve health outcomes by working with and influencing the system and community around the person with a life-limiting illness.

Applicant Agreement 

The applicant agrees to:

1.       acknowledge ANZSPM’s cooperation in distributing the research study participation request
2.       provide a synopsis of results of the research for publication on ANZSPM website/publications (where possible, subject to any copyright limitations)
3.       recognise that ANZSPM is under no obligation to distribute research study requests received.

Research Request Fees

Non ANZSPM Member requests will attract a fee for distribution as set from time to time by ANZSPM Council (currently $275 including GST).

How to Inquire

To enquire about having your research distributed to ANZSPM members, please contact 

Along with your inquiry please include the following: 
- The completed ANZSPM Research Study Promotion Request 
- Evidence of Ethics approval from your institution 
- Wording/ introduction for ANZSPM members once your application is approved. 
- Any other relevant documents you wish to include in your application.  

Find the ANZSPM Research Request Form below. 

DownloadANZSPM Research Study Request Form (PDF File - 323k)
ANZSPM Research Study Request Word Version (Microsoft Word XML Document - 263k)