ANZSPM Aotearoa Webinar Series: Palliative Care - a public health approach with Dr Julian Abel

Public health palliative care focuses on these positive aspects of illness, not just for the patient but also for the caring network, for communities and for civic society. Health promotion is therefore possible even in the context of death, dying, loss and care giving. Physical health is only one aspect of health.

Dr Julian Abel became a consultant in palliative care 2001, working initially at a district general hospital and a hospice. For more than a decade he has become increasingly involved in finding ways of building compassionate communities around people at end of life. He has run projects at local, regional and national levels. He was Vice President of Public Health Palliative Care International. He is an international keynote speaker and has published regularly on models of public health palliative care. Abel and Professor Allan Kellehear are the editors of the Oxford Textbook of Public Health Palliative Care.

Since 2016 he has worked with Frome Medical Practice in Somerset in developing a new model of primary care combined with compassionate communities. The health outcomes of this model have been dramatic, with this being the first intervention that has been effective in reducing whole population emergency admissions. Compassionate communities is one of the most effective therapeutic tools we have in improving length of life and well being. Along with Professor Kellehear, he has formed Compassionate Communities UK, which he is Director. The charity has been formed to develop the broader roll out compassionate communities in primary care and public health palliative  and end of life care. Projects are underway in multiple areas in the UK and internationally.

Dr Julian Abel is joint author of The Compassion Project, along with the prize winning novelist Lindsay Clarke. The book describes the background to the Frome Project, its implementation and the wider implications of the application of compassion both in medicine and in society at large. He runs a podcast, Survival of the Kindest about compassion, its presence, its absence and the consequences of both.

When: June 7 2023 7:00pm NZST

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