Welcome to the Rural and Remote Institute of Palliative Medicine

The Rural and Remote Institute of Palliative Medicine (RRIPM Project) aims to improve access to quality palliative medical care for people living in rural Australia. This aim will be realised by supporting the rural palliative medical workforce and enhancing training pathways in rural locations.

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The Rural and Remote Institute of Palliative Medicine (RRIPM) will develop and support future generations of palliative medicine specialists who train and work in rural locations across the heart of the country.

RRIPM aspires to deliver an exceptional palliative medicine specialist training experience - well coordinated across a network of supported placements in caring rural communities.

The Funding

The RRIPM project is funded through the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) with a grant from the Department of Health and Aged Care. Once established, RRIPM will offer an integrated, positive and supported Rural and Remote Training experience:

-  designed by rural doctors for rural doctors
-  based on RACP competency-based training curriculum

 The RRIPM Network

The RRIPM network will deliver the experiences and assessments to achieve curriculum learning outcomes and RACP Training Program requirements. A program of planned rotations and tailored learning activities will support trainees across accredited rural sites. Trainee assessments are undertaken by experienced supervisors and reviewed to ensure learning outcomes are met with progress towards training completion.

RRIPM will deliver:

• a training governance framework 
• appropriately diverse training experiences 
• coordinated training across networked rural and remote settings 
• a formal learning program and community of practice for supervisors and trainees.
• continuity of training where the majority of training will be achievable in rural and remote locations

Steering Group

A steering group with representation from every jurisdiction guides the project development. Membership includes:

Dr Chi Li - Victoria

Dr Christine Sanderson, RRIPM Project Lead – Northern Territory

Dr Kane Vellar, Trainee – Northern Territory

Dr Lea Currie - ACT

Dr Louis Christie - NSW

Prof Kirsten Auret – Western Australia

Nicole Willico - RACP

Dr Odette Spruijt - Tasmania

Dr Sally Banfield, Trainee – Western Australia

Dr Sophia Lam - Queensland

Dr Susan Haynes – South Australia

Dr Suzanne Rainsford - NSW / ANZSPM Rural Remote Special Interest Group