ANZSPM collaboration with Hospice NZ - #weneedtotalkaboutdying

The Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine (ANZSPM) is delighted to collaborate with Hospice New Zealand on a campaign to support New Zealanders to have more conversations about death in the hope they might worry about it less. 

The campaign #weneedtotalkaboutdying was devised by Hospice NZ and ANZSPM has supported extending the campaign with health practitioner stories. 

Hospice New Zealand explains that "death seems to have become a difficult topic for a lot of people. Many of us have lost the knowledge about what happens; what to say to each other, and the options we have for care. That lack of information often results in fear. But dying is often much more peaceful and gentle than people expect."

The campaign, 'We need to talk about dying', aims to support communities to reclaim their familiarity with dying by sharing stories and information and to make it easy for them to talk about it more, and to ensure we all feel more ready and able to support each other when we're grieving. Death is a social experience, and we all have a role. 

A series of video stories are being shared by ANZSPM and Hospice NZ on both organisations' social media channels and we encourage health practitioners and the community to follow and share the campaign videos using the hashtag #weneedtotalkaboutdying

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