ANZSPM joins Hospice NZ & Palliative Care Nurses NZ at last-minute plea against a NZ voluntary euthanasia bill

Ahead of today's conscience vote on the End of Life Choice Bill in the NZ Parliament, ANZSPM President A/Prof Leeroy William joined colleagues from Hospice NZ, Ailleen Collier from Palliative Care Nurses NZ and NZ Palliative Medicine Specialist Salina Iupati at a media and MP panel yesterday in Wellington to outline ANZSPM's concerns with the proposed bill. 

The panel was hosted by Labour MP Meka Whaitiri and National MP Chris Penk providing MPs and media a last-minute opportunity to hear from palliative care experts why they oppose the bill. A/Prof Leeroy William urged MPs to vote against the bill today not only because of the flaws in its drafting but having regard to concerns already emerging from the Victorian legislation. 

The event was well received with some attending MPs seeking more information as well as a copy of speaking points.

If the bill passes the vote today, it will go to a public referendum at next year's NZ general election. 

You can view an excerpt of A/Prof Leeroy William's address to the panel here: 

DownloadA/Prof L William address to EOLC panel (Quicktime Video File - 13509k)