Respiratory Palliative Care Special Interest Group

Chair: Dr Jennifer Phillip 

Special Interest Group Objectives:
The ANZSPM Respiratory Palliative Care Special Interest  Group advocates for patients who have advanced respiratory disease, working to raise
awareness and improve access to high-quality care including Palliative Care towards the final phases of life.  The Group is open to fellows with research interest or capacity, including advanced trainees, approaching us if interested in progressing collaborative projects within our program of work. We also welcome any ANZSPM member with an interest in respiratory-palliative care to join us.

Recent Activities:
• Mapping the services currently available in Australia and New Zealand - establishing a baseline of where we are today, and also establishing a call to action as clinicians highlight interest and need in the area, yet speak of service constraint by resources.

• Mapping and setting out a bold research agenda with opportunities identified that form building blocks towards our coherent BIG goals. We are currently working with advanced trainees to progress some aspects of this research which they are undertaking as part of their training projects. We also welcome approaches from others who may want to partner with us to undertake research in this space.

Publications From Members
Mapping non-malignant respiratory Palliative Care services in Australia and New Zealand - Jennifer Phillip, Rachel Wiseman, Peter Eastman, Chi Li and Natasha Smallwood. Click HERE; to open resource. 

Click the PDF link below for the Special Interest Group's Terms of Reference. 

DownloadRespiratory Special Interest Group Terms of Reference (PDF File - 70k)

Please contact the ANZSPM office at to express your interest in joining the group.