COVID-19 Special Interest Group

Chair: Dr Michael Chapman 

Established: March 2020 

Special Interest Group Objectives: 
In March 2020, ANZSPM rapidly established a COVID-19 Special Interest Group to support the work of the Australian COVID-19 Palliative Care Working Group (ACPCWG). Initially the COVID-19 SIG met weekly to support the development of guidance documents on palliative care in the COVID-19 context. The aim was to provide high-level guidance to palliative medicine specialists in Australia and the SIG rapidly produced a number of important guidance documents for palliative medicine practitioners.

Recent Updates: 
Work continues, with areas of focus during the reporting period including addressing the provision of advice to non-specialists; triage and transitions of care; and crisis palliative care. Work also continues on the updating and further development of existing guidelines, and opportunities for publication are being explored.

Click HERE to view ANZSPM's Guidance Documents - Palliative Care  in the COVID-19 context. 

Please contact the ANZSPM office at to express interest in joining the group.