ANZSPM Newsletter

ANZSPM publishes its journal, ANZSPM Newsletter, three times a year. This publication is provided to members and within the NEWS pages of this website for a short period after publication and then remains available to members, along with back issues, via the MEMBERS page of this website.

2018 Newsletter

April 2018 (PDF File - 2041k)

August 2018 (PDF File - 4041k)

December 2018 (PDF File - 2098k)

2019 Newsletter

April 2019 (PDF File - 2451k)

August 2019 (PDF File - 2732k)

December 2019 (PDF File - 2419k)

2020 Newsletter

April 2020 Issue (PDF File - 1957k)

December 2020 Issue (PDF File - 1811k)

August 2020 Issue (PDF File - 2243k)

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