About us

ANZSPM facilitates professional development and support for its members, promotes the practice of Palliative Medicine and advocates for those who work in the field of palliative medicine.

Part of ANZSPM's core business is to provide a variety of continuous professional development activities to support and educate medical practitioners working in, or with an interest in, palliative medicine.

Our society embraces the definition of Palliative Medicine adopted in Great Britain in 1987. This is quoted in the opening pages in Doyle's Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine - "Palliative Medicine is the study and management of patients with active, progressive, far-advanced disease for whom the prognosis is limited and the focus of care is the quality of life".

Our Purpose

To improve health outcomes for every person with a life limiting illness living in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Vision

To be renowned for influential medical leadership in palliative care in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Mission

We are a society for medical practitioners, aiming to improve health outcomes by working with and influencing the system and community around the person with a life-limiting illness: 

ANZSPM Mission Diagram


ANZSPM is governed by a Council made up of elected and appointed members and supported by a secretariat managed by ANZSPM's Chief Executive Officer. An ANZSPM Aotearoa Committee, elected by New Zealand members, oversees business specific to New Zealand.

No more than three members of the Council can be from any one State or New Zealand. At least two members must be from New Zealand, including the ANZSPM Aotearoa Committee Chair who is an automatic appointee. A member who is in training to be a specialist in Palliative Medicine is also included either as an elected or appointed member of Council. 

The President of the Chapter of Palliative Medicine is an ex officio (non voting) member of ANZSPM Council, facilitating communication between ANZSPM and the Chapter. 

ANZSPM Council

Name Office
A/Prof Leeroy WilliamPresident
Dr Christine MottPresident-Elect
Professor Meera AgarImmediate Past President
Dr Catherine D'SouzaAppointed councillor (ANZSPM Aotearoa Committee Chair)
Dr Jane GrevilleGeneral councillor
Dr Kim Caldwell General councillor
Dr Anna KeedwellTrainee Representative
Dr Michelle GoldEx Officio as President AChPM, Coopted Councillor

ANZSPM Aotearoa (New Zealand) Committee

Name Office
Dr Catherine D'SouzaChair
Dr Jane GrevilleTreasurer
Dr Delamy KeallCommittee member
Dr Janine WintersCommittee member
Dr Dean FourieCommittee member
Dr Helen AtkinsonCommittee member
Dr Dianne MurphyCoopted Trainee Representative


ANZSPM's operational activities are managed by a small staff based in Canberra ACT - 

Janice Besch -  Chief Executive Officer

Eliza Walker - Communications Officer

Elena Hunt - Project Officer

Rhiannon Ellis - Administration and Events Officer 

Special Interest Groups 

ANZSPM Members have the opportunity to participate in Special Interest Groups that have been approved by and report to the ANZSPM Council. 

The following Special Interest Groups are currently in operation:

A SIG in the area of Paediatric Palliative Care is in the process of being established. 

Members interested in engaging with other members sharing an interest in the areas identified are encouraged to contact the ANZSPM office about joining a Special Interest Group. 

Members are also welcome to suggest new Special Interest Groups for consideration by ANZSPM Council.