Palliative Medicine SMO – Gold Coast/Toowoomba

Queensland Health is currently expanding its rural and regional palliative medicine services with a new staff specialist position in the state’s SPaRTa (Specialist Palliative Rural Telehealth) service. This position is initially temporary from 1st of July 2022 to 30th June 2023. SPaRTa is integrated into the specialist palliative care teams in the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville and Cairns. It provides multi-disciplinary palliative care telehealth services throughout the rest of regional Queensland in close conjunction with regional and rural community nurses and GPs. SPaRTa medical officers work as part of their local specialist palliative care team and may rotate between SPaRTa and local services.

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DownloadPalliative Medicine SMO – QLD’s SPaRTa Services in Gold Coast (PDF File - 158k)