2023 Australian Pain Society 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting In the IASP Global Year for Integrative Pain Care

2-5 April 2023, National Convention Centre Canberra, Australia

On behalf of the Australian Pain Society, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to join us in Canberra, Australia’s Capital, for the 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting from 02 - 05 April 2023. 

Canberra is said to be derived from the local Ngunnawal word Kambera- translating to meeting place and we are excited to offer you this invitation to meet, to participate in our stimulating scientific program, to renew old acquaintances and make new ones, take up the many opportunities our city has to offer with the aim of emerging energised, refreshed and with invigorating new insights into the management of pain.

The Scientific Program Committee is thrilled with the two fabulous and engaging international speakers:

- Dr Theodore (Ted) Price, who holds numerous positions including the Ashbel Smith professor in the Department of Neuroscience at University of Texas (UT).  He is widely published, won numerous prestigious awards and cofounded many companies. His lab is interested in molecular mechanisms driving the transition to chronic pain with a focus on drug development for chronic pain.

- Dr Melanie Noel, PhD, Psych, is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Calgary among her many positions and directs the PEAK (Pain Education, Advocacy, Knowledge Lab) within the Vi Riddell Pain and Rehabilitation Centre at the Alberta children’s Hospital Canada.  She has won numerous prestigious awards and published widely with both passion and excellence in exploring children’s memories for pain and co-occurring mental health issues with paediatric chronic pain.

They will be joined by an exciting range of national speakers illustrating where Australia is at the forefront of pain management and pain research, with a diverse range of presentations and workshops exploring some of the most complex, challenging, provoking and dynamic areas of pain management in an exciting program. 

Click the link to register: 2023 Australian Pain Society 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting | In the IASP Global Year for xxxxx (dcconferences.com.au)

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